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SMB Storage


• Big capacity storage and file sharing
• Backup center for business applications
• NAS, iSCSI storage virtual server solution
• iSCSI Solution for Server Virtualization
• Multi-functional business applications support
• Simply establish personal/private Cloud Storage space
• Abundant business features
• Low power consumption, 29.7w under operation.

SR-2611-2S-S2R (SATA-II Supports 2TB)

  • Simple and practical backup solution for SMB
  • Fit in 2 x 5.25” Internal Drive Bay
  • RAID 0/1 for SATA-II drive
  • Needs no driver, OS and hardware independent
  • Feature rich with Windows base GUI monitoring Software

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MR2020-2S-S2R Compact RAID1 2.5" (SATA SSD)

2-Bay Internal Compact CD-ROM size RAID1 for 2.5" SATA-II drives or SSD with SATA host, 2xSATA trays, RS232 port and cable for remote monitoring, CD for manual and software.

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External hard drive Enclosure with USB 3.0 and eSATA host interface. Compatible with USB2. Tray is compatible with GR3630-2S-WBS1 2-bay RAID unit.

GR3630-2S-WBS1 ( Firewire-to-SATA-II with Support for 2TB)

eSATA+USB2.0+Firewire-to-SATA-II RAID1 external subsystem with Proprietary RS232 port and cable for remote monitoring, CD for manual and software.


SR6600-5S-WBS2 (Lowest Price)

External 5-Bays eSATA+USB2+FirewireB-to-SATA-II RAID Subsystem w/ RAID 0, 1, 3 & 5. Comes with external cables for all interface, RS-232 cable, LCD and CD Software. Accepts 2TB drives

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