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Synetic offers CoreRise Comay SSD products exclusively in Canada. Designed for today's I/O demanding applications, Corerise SSDs leverage the SATAIII 6Gb/s interface to provide outstanding performance for enterprise blade servers, system storage and high I/O data streaming systems. Built with CoreRise industry-leading SLC and MLC NAND and optimized error-management features, the enterprise SSDs leverage our NAND design expertise to deliver completely integrated storage solutions. For enterprises struggling to overcome the performance bottlenecks of traditional HDD storage. SSDs offer a cost-efficient alternative for boosting I/O and increasing ROI by 100%.

Corerise Electronics Co. Ltd. is a unique Chinese manufacturer with independent research and develop facilities for solid state drives. Its Comay brand SSDs offer all mainstream interfaces (SATAII, SATAIII, IDE, ZIF, PCI-e, etc.) and are applicable for enterprise, consumers, industrial and military applications.

CoreRise SSDs have been featured in PcOnline and other technical reviews. They have been chosen for their unique design, outstanding durability and stringent quality control. Synetic has distinct SSD product suites for Enterprise, SMB/consumer and Industrial applications.

CoreRis SSD drives have manual/auto performance recovery enabled by the integration of in-house developed Comay Performance Recovery Software. For example the Pluto SX3 offers both a sequential read/write speed above 555MB/s and a large, stable storage capacity. In addition, Comay software arms the client with not only performance recovery but also the operational autonomy to ensure data security and stable power management.

The benefits of CoreRise SSD product line:

  • Industry standard for enterprise applications with a range of storage capacities that can be tailored to the application
  • A form factor that allows a drop in replacement of existing storage media
  • Commonly available interface for easy integration into system designs
  • Light weight and durability make an ideal solution for mobile applications. The absence of moving parts ensures reliability in the most demanding of environments
  • Data access speed improves system response time for low-latency workloads
  • Our SSD's are built to handle the heavy transaction loads of applications such as video-on-demand servers
  • Green Design - aluminum frame, low power requirements reduces overall power consumption with no temperature and heat dissipation

CoreRise Product Brochure

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